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Drive impactful campaigns and boost brand success with KEBS specifically designed for marketing and advertising professionals.

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Key Problems in the Marketing and Advertising Industry


Client Expectations and Reporting

Meeting client expectations for campaign performance and providing comprehensive reports that showcase success.

Resource Allocation and Collaboration

Optimally allocating creative talent, marketing experts, and technology resources to different projects is crucial for maximizing efficiency

Time and Budget Management

Accurate tracking of time spent on campaigns and budgets is essential for assessing ROI, resource planning, and cost control.

Understanding the Stakeholder Pain

Marketing Managers

Struggle to juggle multiple campaigns, teams, and budgets, leading to potential project delays and inefficiencies.

Creative Teams

Face challenges in collaboration, resource management, and tracking the progress of various creative projects.

Financial Teams

Encounter difficulties in budget tracking, cost control, and generating accurate financial reports for campaigns.


Expect transparent communication, tangible results, and timely campaign updates, which may not always be effectively delivered.

Key Problems in the Marketing and Advertising Industry

Integrated Collaboration

KEBS centralizes project-related communication, document sharing, and updates, fostering collaboration and reducing miscommunication.

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Resource Optimization

The platform’s resource allocation insights assist in assigning the right skills to projects, ensuring efficient resource utilization and growth opportunities.

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Comprehensive Reporting

KEBS generates detailed reports that highlight the success of marketing efforts, providing clients with transparent and compelling evidence of campaign performance.

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Proposal Builder

Generate personalized proposals effortlessly using KEBS. Enhance conversion rates by delivering a compelling proposal within seconds for maximum impact.

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Purpose-Built Quote To Cash Solution For Marketing & Advertising

Manage your sales from Lead to Deal in single platform

Deliver exceptional customer service, uncompromised with KEBS CRM. Turn your prospects into customers by giving them the best ever experience.
  • Contacts management 🔥
  • Leads management & Governance
  • Sales Goal tracker
  • Quote builder 🔥
  • Products catalog
  • Centralize And Organize Contacts 🔥
  • Efficiently Manage Leads
  • Track And Monitor Sales Targets
  • Quickly Professional Proposals🔥
  • Organize & Showcase Products

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Empower your HR by unifying everything in a single platform

Recruit, review, recognize, reward, repeat & retain by creating a rewarding experience for your employees that encourages them to deliver their best and beyond.
  • Timesheet 🔥
  • Recruitment (ATS) 🔥
  • Travel management
  • Employee 360 🔥
  • Leave Management
  • Efficient Employee Tracking 🔥
  • Enhanced Candidate Selection 🔥
  • Streamlined Reimbursement
  • Comprehensive Employee Insights 🔥
  • Accurate Leave Tracking

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Have total visibility of Deliverables, Cost & schedule of the projects

Manage resources effectively to deliver the best of outcomes even with limited availability. KEBS makes planning, organizing, and distribution of resources 20x easier.
  • Schedule Management 🔥
  • Project Governance 🔥
  • Time Tracking
  • Resource Management
  • Cost Management 🔥
  • Efficiently Manage Project Schedules 🔥
  • Establish Project Control 🔥
  • Accurately Track Project Hours
  • Establish Resource control
  • Control Project Costs 🔥

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Effective Revenue recognition & Real-time MIS

Stay within the budget even while handling huge volumes of projects. Plug in leakages in expenditure and 2x your revenue
  • Profitability Analysis
  • MIS 🔥
  • General Ledger 🔥
  • Invoice Generation
  • Procure to Pay 🔥
  • Enhanced Profit Tracking 🔥
  • Real-Time Insights 🔥
  • Centralized & Organized Records
  • Quick, Accurate Invoices🔥
  • Streamlined Procurement

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Resolve tickets on time and make your customers happy.

Resolve tickets in record time with intelligent automation, grouping & automatic allocation of tickets.
  • Email Alerts
  • Escalation matrix 🔥
  • Skill bases routing 🔥
  • Knowledge base
  • Tasks management 🔥
  • Receive Instant notifications🔥
  • Automate Ticket Escalation 🔥
  • Route Tickets Efficiently
  • Store & Access Relevant Information 🔥
  • Easy task allocation related to tickets 🔥

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