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Security Compliance – Sep 2023


KEBS.AI, a leading PSA(Professional Software Automation) software platform focused on enhancing Quote-to-Cash process by assisting your Deal Management, Resource Management, Project Management, Finance Management and Time sheet Management, has recently achieved ISO certification from AIAO-BAR. This certification emphasizes our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and integrity for our clients.

Audit Approach

The ISO certification process for KEBS.AI involved a comprehensive assessment of our platform’s security measures and data handling practices. This assessment was conducted to ensure that KEBS.AI adheres to internationally recognized standards and best practices. The certification confirms that KEBS.AI provides a secure environment for its users, ensuring data privacy and protection against potential threats.

The following areas were meticulously evaluated during the audit:

  • Data encryption and protection
  • User access controls and authentication
  • System and network security configurations
  • Regular security updates and patches
  • Compliance with data protection regulations

KEBS.AI proudly complies with the standards set by AIAO-BAR, ensuring that our platform remains trustworthy and reliable for our clients.

Access Certificate

Click here to access the ISO certification issued to KEBS.AI by AIAO-BAR.

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“Good comprehensive ERP software that makes life easier for the professional services industry.”

Sourab M.

Program Manager

“We are using kebs for all HR related activities and its good to use.”

Magesh G.

SAP Consultant