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What is Average Resolution Time (ART)?

Average Resolution Time (ART) refers to the average time taken to resolve a ticket or issue from the moment it’s reported until its closure. In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), it’s a crucial metric that gauges the efficiency of service delivery, ensuring client satisfaction and streamlined operations.

ART is an important metric for PSA because it can help to Identify areas where they can improve their efficiency and effectiveness, Benchmark their performance against other PSA teams and Set realistic goals for improving customer satisfaction.

Why is ART Important?

ART is pivotal for several reasons:

1. Client Satisfaction: A shorter ART indicates swift problem-solving, leading to happier clients.

2. Operational Efficiency: Monitoring ART can highlight bottlenecks in the ticket management process, allowing for timely interventions.

3. Resource Allocation: By understanding ART, businesses can better allocate resources, ensuring that employee workloads are balanced and optimized.

4. Financial Implications: Prolonged resolution times can lead to increased operational costs. Efficient financial management is crucial to ensure profitability.

Average Resolution Time

Why Average Resolution Time is so important?

How to Calculate ART?


ART = Total Time Taken to Resolve All Tickets / Total Number of Tickets Resolved


Let’s say a PSA firm resolved 100 tickets in a month. The total time taken to resolve these tickets was 500 hours. Using the formula:


=5 hours per ticket

This means, on average, it took the firm 5 hours to resolve each ticket.

Difference Between ART and Other Metrics

While ART focuses on the average time taken to resolve issues, there are other related metrics:

1. First Response Time (FRT): The time taken to first respond to a ticket after it’s raised. While ART emphasizes resolution, FRT emphasizes initial responsiveness.

2. Total Resolution Time: Unlike ART, which is an average, this metric sums up the total time taken to resolve all tickets, offering a holistic view of the ticket management process.

3. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): This metric gauges client happiness post-resolution. A swift ART can contribute to a higher CSAT, but they’re not always directly proportional.

Metric Definition Importance in PSA
ART (Average Response Time) Time taken, on average, to respond to a request or issue Reflects efficiency and agility in addressing client needs
Utilization Percentage of billable hours out of total work hours Measures resource allocation and profitability
First-time Fix Rate Percentage of issues resolved on the first attempt Reflects efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery

How is ART Used in PSA?

In PSA, ART is employed to:

1. Streamline Operations: By monitoring ART, firms can identify inefficiencies in their project management and service delivery processes.

2. Enhance Client Relationships: A consistent and short ART can boost client trust, leading to long-term partnerships and transparent billing practices.

3. Resource Management: ART data can guide resource allocation, ensuring that teams aren’t overburdened and that there’s a balance between workload and capacity.

4. Financial Planning: By optimizing ART, firms can reduce operational costs, leading to better financial stability.

Ready to Optimize Your ART?

KEBS, a leading PSA software, offers tools to optimize ART. KEBS ticket management software ensures that tickets are routed to the right teams swiftly, reducing resolution times. With KEBS, firms can access real-time reporting on ART, allowing for timely interventions.

KEBS offers features like employee 360 to ensure optimal resource allocation, directly impacting ART. With tools like Gantt charts, teams can collaborate efficiently, ensuring that issues are resolved faster.

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KEBS Helpdesk

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