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What is Contribution to Growth?

Contribution to Growth is a metric that quantifies the incremental value or growth a particular segment, product, or service brings to a company.

In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), it measures the growth contribution of specific PSA tools or services to the overall business.

Importance of Contribution to Growth

Understanding this is crucial for businesses, especially those in the PSA sector. It helps in:

1. Identifying Profitable Segments: By analyzing which tools or services contribute most to growth, businesses can allocate resources more efficiently.

2. Strategic Decision Making: It provides insights into which products or services to promote, enhance, or potentially phase out.

3. Performance Measurement: It serves as a benchmark to measure the success of various PSA tools in terms of their contribution to the company’s growth.

Contribution to Growth

Importance of Contribution to Growth

Calculating Contribution to Growth


Contribution to Growth = [(Current Year Revenue−Previous Year Revenue)]/Previous Year Revenue × 100


Let’s assume a company introduced a new project management tool last year. The revenue before its introduction was $1M, and a year after its launch, the revenue is $1.2M.

=(1.2M−1M) /1M × 100=20

This means the new project management tool contributed to a 20% growth in revenue.

Contribution to Growth vs Other Metrics

While Contribution to Growth is a valuable metric, it’s essential to differentiate it from other related metrics:

1. Contribution to Growth vs Revenue: While revenue denotes the total income generated, Contribution to Growth measures the growth percentage due to specific segments or products.

2. Contribution to Growth vs Profit: Profit is the net income after all expenses. Contribution to Growth, on the other hand, focuses solely on growth contribution, not on net earnings.

Metric Description Significance in PSA
Contribution to Growth Measures how PSA tools help generate revenue and expand the business through improved project management, resource allocation, and client satisfaction. High significance for assessing the overall value of PSA.
Resource Utilization Evaluates how efficiently resources (employees, equipment) are utilized for projects. Important for cost control and project efficiency.
Project Profitability Measures the profitability of individual projects by comparing project costs with revenue generated. Crucial for assessing project-level success.
Client Satisfaction Reflects how satisfied clients are with project outcomes and interactions. Critical for maintaining client relationships and securing repeat business.

Using Contribution to Growth in PSA

In PSA, it can be applied in various ways:

1. Resource Management: By understanding which resources or tools, like timesheet management, contribute most to growth, businesses can make informed decisions on resource allocation.

2. Deal Management: It can help in prioritizing deals or clients that offer the most growth potential. Tools like deal management software can be instrumental in this.

3. Financial Management: With tools like finance management software, businesses can track financial metrics and understand which segments are contributing most to growth.

Ready to Optimize Your Contribution to Growth?

KEBS, being a comprehensive PSA software, plays a pivotal role in optimizing Contribution to Growth. With KEBS, businesses can get insights from custom reporting to understand growth contributors.

KEBS aids in resource management and allocation, ensuring that resources are directed towards high Contribution to Growth areas. Tools like ticket management software ensure client issues are addressed promptly, leading to satisfied clients and, consequently, growth.

KEBS Finance Management

In conclusion, Contribution to Growth is a vital metric for businesses, especially in the PSA sector. By leveraging tools like KEBS, companies can optimize their Contribution to Growth, leading to sustainable growth and success. Ready to optimize your Contribution to Growth? Contact us or request a demo to see how KEBS can help.

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