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Customer contract renewal rate

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What is Customer Contract Renewal Rate?

Customer Contract Renewal Rate (CCRR) is a metric that measures the percentage of customers who choose to renew their contracts at the end of their term. In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), it’s an indicator of customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of the services provided.

A high renewal rate suggests that clients find value in the services, while a low rate might indicate dissatisfaction or the presence of more competitive offers in the market.

Importance of Customer Contract Renewal Rate

In the realm of PSA, maintaining existing customer relationships is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. A high CCRR indicates:

1. Customer Satisfaction: Clients are happy with the services and solutions provided.

2. Predictable Revenue: Recurring revenue from renewals can stabilize cash flows.

3. Operational Efficiency: It reflects well on the company’s project management and resource management capabilities.

Customer contract renewal rate

Importance Of Customer contract renewal rate

How to Calculate the Customer Contract Renewal Rate?


Customer Contract Renewal Rate (CCRR)=(Number of Contracts Renewed/ Total Contracts Ending in a Given Period)×100

Customer Contract Renewal Rate (CCRR) = (Total Contracts Ending in a Given Period)


Let’s say a PSA firm had 100 contracts ending in December. Out of those, 85 clients chose to renew. Using the formula:


This means an 85% renewal rate for December.

Difference Between Renewal Rate and Other Related Metrics

Understanding the nuances between these metrics can help PSA firms optimize their financial management strategies. While CCRR focuses on contract renewals, there are other metrics in the PSA landscape:

1. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): This measures the total recurring revenue from customers in a month. Unlike CCRR, MRR doesn’t focus on renewals but on overall recurring revenue.

2. Churn Rate: This metric captures the percentage of customers who decide not to renew their contracts. It’s the inverse of CCRR.

3. Lifetime Value (LTV): This calculates the total revenue a company can expect from a single customer account.

Metric Definition Purpose
Renewal Rate The percentage of recurring clients or contracts that are renewed within a specific period, often annually. Measures the ability to retain existing clients and maintain revenue streams from ongoing relationships.
Utilization Rate The ratio of billable hours worked by employees to the total available working hours. Evaluates how efficiently resources are utilized, indicating productivity and capacity optimization.
Billable Ratio The percentage of an employee’s time spent on billable work compared to total working hours. Focuses on individual or team-level efficiency, helping to assess the profitability of services provided.

How Customer Contract Renewal Rate is Used?

CCRR is utilized in various ways:

1. Forecasting: Helps in predicting future revenue and making informed business decisions.

2. Performance Analysis: Assists in evaluating the effectiveness of client relationship strategies.

3. Resource Allocation: Guides where to invest resources, be it in deal management or ticket management.

4. Feedback Loop: A low CCRR can be a prompt to gather feedback and understand areas of improvement.

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