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Measure Success with High Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate.

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What is Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate?

Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate (CFIR) is a metric that quantifies the percentage of customer feedback that is actively incorporated into a product or service. In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), it measures how effectively a PSA software or system integrates user feedback into its features, functionalities, and improvements.

It quantifies the extent to which customer input is used to refine and enhance the quality of professional services, ensuring a client-centric approach to business operations.

Importance of Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate

Incorporating customer feedback is crucial for several reasons:

1. Relevance: It ensures that the software remains relevant to its users.

2. User Satisfaction: Addressing user concerns and suggestions can lead to increased user satisfaction.

3. Competitive Edge: Companies that actively listen to their customers often have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

For PSA tools, where efficiency and user-friendliness are paramount, a high CFIR can be a significant selling point. It demonstrates a commitment to user-centric design and evolution.

Importance of Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate

How to Calculate the Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate?

CFIR = (Number of Feedback Points Incorporated /Total Feedback Points Received) × 100


Let’s say a company received 100 feedback points last month. Out of these, they incorporated 70 into their PSA software. Using the formula:


This means a company has a 70% Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate.

Difference Between Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate and Other Metrics

While CFIR focuses on the incorporation of feedback, other metrics might measure the collection, response time, or satisfaction level of feedback.

For instance, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) gauges the overall satisfaction of customers but doesn’t necessarily indicate if their feedback was implemented.

Metric Description Purpose/Usage
Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate Measures the percentage of customer feedback that is actively integrated into the PSA system. Evaluates the organization’s responsiveness to customer input and their commitment to improving services based on feedback.
Billable Utilization Rate Measures the percentage of billable hours worked by employees compared to their total available working hours. Helps assess the efficiency of resource utilization and the revenue-generating capacity of the workforce.
Service Ticket Resolution Time Tracks the average time it takes to resolve service tickets or issues reported by clients. Reflects the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support and service delivery teams.
Resource Allocation Accuracy Assesses the accuracy of resource allocation by comparing the planned vs. actual allocation of resources to projects. Aids in optimizing resource allocation, ensuring the right resources are assigned to the right projects.

How Customer Feedback Incorporation Rate is Used in PSA?

In PSA, CFIR can be used to:

1. Guide Development: Direct the development team on which features or improvements to prioritize.

2. Marketing and Sales: As a selling point to potential clients, showcasing responsiveness to user needs.

3. User Training: Address common feedback points in user training sessions to reduce recurring issues.

4. Resource Allocation: Determine where resources, such as finance or project management, should be directed based on feedback.

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