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What is Forecast Demand Total?

Forecast Demand Total refers to the projected volume of services or products that customers will require over a specific period. In Professional Service Automation (PSA), it predicts the need for professional services based on market trends, historical data, and economic indicators.

This measure is important for businesses. It helps them plan their production, inventory, and resources. The goal is to meet customer demand and avoid having too much or too little inventory. Forecasting demand well improves efficiency, satisfies customers, and cuts costs, making it crucial for successful business management.

Importance of Forecast Demand Total

Accurate demand forecasting is crucial for several reasons:

1. Resource Allocation: It helps in effective resource management, ensuring that the right number of professionals are available to meet the demand.

2. Financial Planning: Forecasting aids in financial management, allowing businesses to budget and plan accordingly.

3. Operational Efficiency: By anticipating demand, businesses can streamline their operations, leading to operational efficiency.

4. Customer Satisfaction: Meeting demand ensures timely service delivery, enhancing customer experience.

Gross Burn Rate

Why Gross Burn Rate is so important?

Calculating Forecast Demand Total

The formula for Forecast Demand Total is:

Forecast Demand Total = (Historical Demand × Growth Rate) + Historical Demand


Let’s say a PSA firm had a demand of 100 projects last year and anticipates a growth rate of 10%. Using the formula:

Forecast Demand Total=(100×0.10) +100=110

This means the firm should prepare for 110 projects in the upcoming year.

Forecast Demand Total vs Other Forecasting Metrics

While Forecast Demand Total focuses on the overall anticipated demand.

There are other metrics like MRR represents the predictable revenue a business expects to receive every month. Unlike the overall demand forecast, MRR is specific to subscription-based models. Understanding the difference between these metrics can guide businesses in making informed decisions.

Metric Description Use Case
Forecast Demand Total The total projected demand for professional services over a specific period. Overall resource allocation and capacity planning.
Forecast Accuracy Measures the accuracy of past forecasts compared to actual results. Assess the reliability of forecasts and improve future predictions.
Resource Utilization Rate Calculates the percentage of available resources being used. Ensures optimal resource allocation and identifies underutilized capacity.
Billable Utilization Rate Measures the percentage of billable hours compared to total hours worked. Evaluates revenue generation and efficiency of billable work.

Application of Forecast Demand Total in PSA

Forecast Demand Total in PSA has several applications:

1. Project Planning: By understanding the demand, businesses can better plan their projects, ensuring timely completion and delivery.

2. Resource Allocation: Accurate forecasting ensures that businesses can allocate resources effectively, avoiding over or under-utilization. This is crucial for resource management in PSA.

3. Financial Management: Anticipating demand helps in budgeting, ensuring that the business remains financially stable. This is where tools like KEBS financial management software come into play.

Ready to Optimize Forecast Demand Total?

KEBS, a leading PSA software, offers tools that can help businesses optimize their Forecast Demand Total:

Data Analytics: KEBS provides real-time reporting and analytics, allowing businesses to analyze historical data and make accurate forecasts.

Resource Management Tools: With KEBS, businesses can ensure that they have the right resources in place to meet the forecasted demand. The resource management software is particularly useful in this regard.

Financial Management: KEBS financial management tools allow businesses to budget and plan based on the forecasted demand, ensuring financial stability.

KEBS Reports

KEBS Reports

PSA Tools like KEBS further enhance this capability, providing businesses with the resources they need to succeed. Ready to optimize your Forecast Demand Total? Contact KEBS or request a demo today.

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