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Incident Closure Rate

Track and Improve Incident Closure Rate for Swift Issue Resolutions.

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What is Incident Closure Rate?

Incident Closure Rate (ICR) is a metric used in Professional Service Automation (PSA) to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of a service team in resolving and closing incidents or tickets.

It represents the percentage of incidents that are successfully closed within a specified time frame, compared to the total number of incidents reported.

The Importance of Incident Closure Rate

Understanding the ICR is crucial for businesses, especially those that rely heavily on customer support or IT service management. A high ICR indicates:

1. Efficiency: A streamlined process where incidents are addressed promptly.

2. Customer Satisfaction: Quick resolutions lead to happier customers.

3. Operational Excellence: Indicates that the team is well-equipped and trained.

Moreover, tracking ICR can help businesses identify bottlenecks, allocate resources more effectively, and improve overall service quality. For those using Professional Service Automation software, understanding this metric becomes even more critical.

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Why Incident Closure Rate is so important?

Calculating Incident Closure Rate


Incident Closure Rate (ICR) = (Number of Incidents Closed/Total Number of Incidents Reported) × 100


Let’s say in a month, your team received 100 incident reports. By the end of the month, 85 of those incidents were successfully closed.


This means your team had an 85% incident closure rate for that month.

Incident Closure Rate vs Other Metrics

By using a ticket management software, businesses can track all these metrics seamlessly. While ICR is a valuable metric, it’s essential to understand how it differs from other related metrics:

1. Incident Response Time: Measures the time taken to respond to an incident after it’s reported. While ICR focuses on closure, response time emphasizes the initial reaction.

2. Incident Resolution Time: The time taken to fully resolve an incident. A quick response doesn’t always mean a fast resolution.

3. Ticket Volume: Refers to the total number of tickets or incidents reported. A high ICR with low ticket volume might not be as impressive as it seems.

Metric Description Significance
Incident Closure Rate The percentage of support incidents closed successfully. Indicates the efficiency and effectiveness of support teams. Indicates the efficiency and effectiveness of support teams.
Customer Satisfaction Measures how satisfied customers are with services. High satisfaction often correlates with high closure rates. High satisfaction often correlates with high closure rates.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Compliance Tracks adherence to SLAs for incident resolution. High compliance is essential for maintaining customer trust. High compliance is essential for maintaining customer trust.

How Incident Closure Rate is Used?

For businesses using PSA tools, ICR can also be integrated into dashboards for real-time monitoring. ICR is used in various ways:

1. Performance Evaluation: Managers can assess the performance of their service teams.

2. Resource Allocation: Helps in deciding where more training or resources are needed.

3. Customer Satisfaction Surveys: A high ICR can be a selling point when showcasing service efficiency to potential clients or stakeholders.

4. Strategic Planning: Helps in setting targets and goals for the service team.

Ready to Optimize Your Incident Closure Rate?

KEBS, a leading PSA software, offers tools that can significantly enhance your incident management process. With KEBS ticket management features, automate the ticketing process, ensuring faster closures.

Get insights into your ICR and other related metrics in real-time, helping in quicker decision-making. Facilitate better communication among team members, leading to faster incident resolutions.

KEBS Helpdesk

KEBS Helpdesk

By leveraging KEBS, businesses can ensure a higher ICR, leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. For a deeper understanding of how KEBS can transform your incident management, contact us or request a demo.

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