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Internal to External Hiring Ratio

Balance Internal Expertise and External Talent with Optimal Internal to External Hiring Ratio.

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What is Internal to External Hiring Ratio?

The Internal to External Hiring Ratio is a metric that quantifies the balance between hiring employees from within an organization (internal) versus hiring from outside the organization (external).

This ratio provides insights into a company’s hiring strategy and can indicate the company’s investment in employee development, retention, and its openness to external talent.

Importance of Internal to External Hiring Ratio

Understanding this ratio is crucial for several reasons:

1. Employee Development: A higher internal hiring ratio indicates a company’s commitment to employee growth and development. It suggests that employees have opportunities to advance in their careers within the organization.

2. Cost Efficiency: Hiring internally can be more cost-effective than external hiring, as it often requires less training and onboarding.

3. External Innovation: On the other hand, a balanced approach or a higher external hiring ratio can bring in fresh perspectives, new skills, and innovative ideas from diverse backgrounds.

Importance of Internal to External Hiring Ratio

How to Calculate the Internal to External Hiring Ratio?


Internal to External Hiring Ratio = Number of Internal Hires / Number of External Hires


If a company has made 80 internal hires and 20 external hires in a year, the ratio would be:


This means for every 4 internal hires, there’s 1 external hire.

Difference Between Internal to External Hiring Ratio and Other Metrics

While the Internal to External Hiring Ratio focuses on the source of hires, other metrics like turnover rate, retention rate, and time-to-hire focus on different aspects of the hiring process.

Metric Description Purpose
Internal to External Hiring Ratio Measures the ratio of internal hires (promotions or transfers) to external hires in an organization. Evaluates the emphasis on internal talent development and retention within the PSA system.
Time-to-Fill Measures the average time it takes to fill a job vacancy from the moment it’s identified. Evaluates the efficiency of the hiring process within PSA, irrespective of the source of hire.
Cost Per Hire Calculates the average cost incurred to hire a new employee, including recruitment and onboarding expenses. Assesses the financial efficiency of the hiring process, both for internal and external candidates.
Quality of Hire Assesses the effectiveness of hires based on their performance and alignment with organizational goals. Focuses on the overall suitability and impact of new hires, regardless of their source.

How the Ratio is Used in Professional Service Automation?

Professional Service Automation (PSA) tools, play a pivotal role in streamlining various business operations, including hiring. Here’s how the ratio is utilized:

1. Resource Management: By analyzing the hiring ratio, companies can better allocate resources for training and onboarding. Tools like KEBS resource management software can aid in this process.

2. Forecasting: PSA tools can predict future hiring needs based on project demands. If a company’s internal hiring ratio is high, they might focus on employee development programs.

3. Data Analytics: With real-time reporting analytics, companies can instantly view their hiring metrics and adjust strategies accordingly.

4. Integration with HR: PSA tools often integrate with HR systems, allowing for seamless transition of internal candidates through the hiring process. For instance, KEBS employee 360 provides a comprehensive view of each employee, aiding in internal hiring decisions.

Ready to Optimize Your Hiring Strategy?

KEBS, as a leading PSA software, offers a plethora of features that can help optimize your hiring strategy. With KEBS, you can get insights into your hiring trends, helping you make informed decisions. For instance, if you’re leaning too heavily on external hires, you might consider bolstering your employee development programs.

KEBS integrates with various HR systems, streamlining the hiring process. Whether you’re looking at internal candidates or scouting externally, KEBS ensures a smooth workflow. KEBS resource management tools ensure that once you’ve made a hire, they’re allocated effectively, ensuring project success.

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