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Issue Assignment Accuracy

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What is Issue Assignment Accuracy?

Issue Assignment Accuracy (IAA) refers to the precision with which issues, be it in customer support tickets, software bugs, or project tasks, are assigned to the right individual or team.

In essence, it measures how often the right person or team gets the right issue to address. Accurate assignment ensures that issues are resolved efficiently, leveraging the expertise of the assigned individual or team.

The Importance of Issue Assignment Accuracy

The significance of IAA cannot be overstated. When issues are accurately assigned:

  • Efficiency Increases: The right person or team can address the issue without unnecessary transfers or escalations.
  • Customer Satisfaction Rises: Issues are resolved faster, leading to happier customers. This is especially crucial in ticket management, where swift and accurate responses can make or break customer relationships.
  • Resource Utilization Improves: By ensuring that the right resources are working on the right issues, companies can make the most of their resource management strategies.
  • Operational Costs Decrease: Fewer mis-assignments mean fewer rework and escalations, saving both time and money.
Issue Assignment Accuracy

Why Issue Assignment Accuracy is so important?

Calculating Issue Assignment Accuracy


Issue Assignment Accuracy (IAA) = (Number of Correctly Assigned Issues / Total Number of Issues) × 100

Let’s say a company has 100 issues in a month. Out of these, 90 were correctly assigned on the first attempt. Using the formula:


This means the company has an Issue Assignment Accuracy of 90%.

Issue Assignment Accuracy vs Other Metrics

Understanding the differences between these metrics and IAA can help businesses in streamlining their operations and achieving better outcomes. While IAA focuses on the accuracy of issue assignments, there are other related metrics:

1. First Contact Resolution (FCR): Measures the percentage of issues resolved in the first interaction. While IAA ensures the right assignment, FCR ensures the issue is resolved without further transfers.

2. Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR): This metric gauges the average time taken to resolve an issue. Accurate issue assignment can significantly reduce MTTR as the right resources can address the issue faster.

3. Ticket Volume: Simply the number of tickets or issues. While IAA focuses on the quality of assignments, ticket volume is a quantitative metric.

Metric Description Purpose
Issue Assignment Accuracy Percentage of issues/cases assigned to the right person/team on the first try Improve resolution time and customer satisfaction by ensuring experts handle issues quickly
First Contact Resolution (FCR) Percentage of issues resolved on the first contact without escalation Measure efficiency in addressing customer issues at the first point of contact
Average Resolution Time Average time taken to resolve an issue once it’s reported Determine the efficiency of the support process in resolving issues
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Measure of customer’s satisfaction with the resolution process Gauge overall customer sentiment regarding the resolution process

Utilizing Issue Assignment Accuracy

IAA can be a powerful tool in various scenarios:

1. Project Management: Ensuring tasks are assigned to team members best suited for them can lead to faster project completion. Tools like Gantt charts can further aid in visualizing and managing these assignments.

2. Customer Support: In a ticket management system, accurate assignment ensures that customer issues are addressed by agents with the right expertise.

3. Software Development: Bug reports and feature requests need to be assigned to the right developers or teams to ensure swift resolution.

Ready to Optimize Your Issue Assignment Accuracy?

KEBS, a leading PSA Software, offers tools and features that can significantly enhance IAA. With its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface, KEBS ensures that issues, whether they’re project tasks or customer support tickets, are assigned to the right individuals or teams.

Moreover, with KEBS’s comprehensive resource management and project management modules, businesses can not only assign issues accurately but also track and optimize their resolution process.

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KEBS Helpdesk

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