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What is Issue Resolution Feedback?

Issue Resolution Feedback is a metric used to gauge the effectiveness of a solution provided to a problem or issue faced by a client or customer.

In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), it measures how efficiently and satisfactorily a service-related issue was resolved using the automation tools.

Importance of Issue Resolution Feedback

Understanding the feedback from issue resolution is crucial for several reasons:

1. Continuous Improvement: It provides insights into areas of improvement, ensuring that similar issues are addressed more efficiently in the future.

2. Client Retention: A swift and effective issue resolution enhances client trust and loyalty.

3. Operational Efficiency: By analyzing feedback, organizations can streamline their business processes and reduce the recurrence of common issues.

Importance of Issue Resolution Feedback

Calculating Issue Resolution Feedback

The Issue Resolution Feedback can be calculated using the following formula:

Issue Resolution Feedback (%) = (Number of Issues Resolved Satisfactorily / Total Number of Issues Addressed) x 100


Let’s say a PSA firm addressed 100 issues in a month, out of which 90 were resolved to the clients’ satisfaction. Using the formula:

Issue Resolution Feedback = (90/100) x 100 = 90%

This means that 90% of the issues were resolved satisfactorily.

Difference Between Issue Resolution Feedback and Customer Satisfaction

In the context of PSA, while tools like ticket management software can help track and resolve issues, enhancing overall customer experience requires a more holistic approach. While both metrics are crucial for assessing service quality, they serve different purposes:

1. Issue Resolution Feedback: Focuses specifically on the effectiveness of solutions provided for problems or issues. It’s a measure of how well a particular problem was addressed.

2. Customer Satisfaction: A broader metric that encompasses all aspects of the client’s experience with the service provider, from communication to the quality of service and the effectiveness of solutions.

Aspect Issue Resolution Feedback Customer Satisfaction
Definition Feedback related to how efficiently and effectively service issues are resolved for a customer. Overall satisfaction of the customer with the service provided.
Focus Concentrates on the specific problem-solving process, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly and accurately. Measures the general sentiment and contentment of the customer regarding the entire service experience.
Scope Narrow in scope, primarily concerned with addressing and resolving specific problems or complaints. Broad in scope, encompassing the entire customer journey, from initial interaction to post-service follow-up.
Metrics Typically measured through metrics such as resolution time, accuracy, and the number of resolved issues. Measured through surveys, feedback forms, and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) that gauge overall satisfaction and loyalty.

How Issue Resolution Feedback is Used in PSA?

In PSA, Issue Resolution Feedback is used to:

1. Enhance Tools and Processes: Feedback can guide improvements in tools like project management software or processes like resource management.

2. Client Communication: By addressing feedback proactively, PSA firms can communicate their commitment to continuous improvement, fostering stronger client relationships.

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