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Issue Trend Analysis

Harness the Power of Issue Trend Analysis for Informed Decision-Making.

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What is Issue Trend Analysis?

Issue Trend Analysis (ITA) is a systematic approach to identify, track, and analyze recurring issues over a specific period.

In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), ITA helps businesses understand the frequency and impact of challenges faced during project execution, resource allocation, or any other operational aspect.

Importance of Issue Trend Analysis

Understanding the patterns of recurring issues is crucial for several reasons:

1. Proactive Problem Solving: By identifying trends, businesses can anticipate potential challenges and address them before they escalate.

2. Operational Efficiency: Recognizing and resolving recurring issues can lead to smoother operations, reducing time and resources spent on troubleshooting.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Addressing issues proactively can lead to better service delivery, increasing client satisfaction.

4. Strategic Decision Making: ITA provides data-driven insights, aiding in informed decision-making processes, especially in areas like resource management and project management.

Issue Trend Analysis

Why Issue Trend Analysis is so important?

Calculating Issue Trend Analysis


Issue Trend Percentage (ITP) = (Number of Occurrences of a Specific Issue in a Given Period / Total Number of Issues in the Same Period) × 100


Let’s say a company using a ticket management system recorded 100 issues in a month. Out of these, 20 were related to delayed project deliveries.

Using the formula:

ITP=(20/100) ×100=20%

This means that 20% of the total issues were related to delayed project deliveries.

Issue Trend Analysis vs Other Analysis Methods

While ITA focuses on identifying patterns in recurring issues, other methods like Root Cause Analysis (RCA) delve into the underlying cause of a specific problem. For instance, while ITA might highlight an increasing trend in financial management challenges, RCA would investigate the exact cause, be it software glitches, human error, or external factors.

Analysis Method Description Use in PSA
Issue Trend Analysis Examines historical issue data to identify patterns, trends, and root causes of recurring problems. Helps in proactive issue resolution. Valuable for monitoring and improving service quality, optimizing resource allocation, and preventing recurring issues in PSA.
Root Cause Analysis Focuses on identifying the underlying reasons for issues, enabling targeted fixes. Important for resolving complex and critical problems effectively. Essential for addressing fundamental issues and reducing service disruptions in PSA.
Performance Analytics Measures and analyzes performance metrics, such as project completion times, resource utilization, and profitability, to optimize operations. Critical for assessing PSA efficiency, making data-driven decisions, and enhancing overall performance.

Application of Issue Trend Analysis

ITA can be applied across various domains of PSA:

1. Project Management: By analyzing trends in project delays, budget overruns, or miscommunication, businesses can refine their project management strategies.

2. Resource Management: ITA can highlight trends in resource allocation challenges, helping businesses optimize their resource management processes.

3. Deal Management: Analyzing trends in lost deals or client negotiations can provide insights into refining deal management strategies.

4. Ticket Management: For businesses using ticketing systems, ITA can help identify common customer complaints or service challenges, leading to improved ticket management practices.

Ready to Optimize Your Issue Trend Analysis?

KEBS, a leading PSA software, offers tools that can significantly enhance ITA. KEBS provides robust data analytics, helping businesses identify and track issue trends effectively.

With KEBS, businesses can create custom reports, allowing for a tailored approach to ITA. KEBS ability to integrate with other business systems ensures that data from all sources can be considered for a comprehensive ITA.

KEBS Reports

KEBS Reports

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