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What is On-Time Delivery?

On-Time Delivery (OTD) is a key performance indicator (KPI) that measures the efficiency and effectiveness of a service or product delivery process. In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), it refers to the timely completion and delivery of services or projects as per the agreed-upon schedule with clients.

On-Time Delivery refers to the successful and punctual fulfillment of a product or service within the agreed-upon timeframe. It is a crucial measure of reliability and customer satisfaction in various industries, ensuring that businesses deliver their promises to clients on time, meeting or exceeding expectations.

Importance of On-Time Delivery

In the world of PSA, ensuring on-time delivery is paramount. Here’s why:

1. Client Satisfaction: Meeting deadlines boosts client trust and satisfaction.

2. Operational Efficiency: Timely delivery indicates a streamlined operation.

3. Financial Health: Delays can lead to financial penalties or lost revenue.

4. Reputation: Consistent on-time delivery enhances a company’s market reputation.

For businesses, especially those leveraging Professional Service Automation software, ensuring on-time delivery is a testament to their operational excellence.

Importance of On-Time Delivery

Calculating On-Time Delivery

OTD = Number of Orders Delivered On − Time / Total Number of Orders Delivered × 100


Let’s say a PSA firm had 90 projects delivered on time out of a total of 100 projects in a month. Using the formula:


This means the firm had a 90% on-time delivery rate for that month.

On-Time Delivery vs Other Metrics

Understanding these differences is crucial, especially when using tools like Gantt charts for project management. While OTD is crucial, it’s essential to differentiate it from other related metrics:

1. OTD vs Lead Time: While OTD focuses on the punctuality of delivery, lead time measures the duration from order initiation to delivery.

2. OTD vs Cycle Time: Cycle time is the total time taken to complete a single service or project cycle, from initiation to delivery.

Metric Description Importance in PSA
On-Time Delivery The percentage of projects delivered on or before the deadline. Critical for client satisfaction and revenue generation.
Customer Satisfaction A measure of how pleased clients are with the services provided. Heavily influenced by on-time delivery.
Profitability The overall financial performance of the service organization. On-time delivery can reduce costs and improve profitability.
Resource Utilization The efficiency of allocating and managing resources for projects. On-time delivery can optimize resource allocation.

How On-Time Delivery is Used in PSA?

In PSA, OTD is used to:

1. Performance Benchmarking: Comparing current OTD rates with past performance or industry standards.

2. Resource Allocation: Using tools like resource management software to ensure timely project completion.

3. Financial Forecasting: Predicting revenue based on the timely completion of projects, using tools like finance management software.

4. Client Communication: Keeping clients informed about project status and expected delivery dates.

Ready to Achieve Your On-Time Delivery?

KEBS, a leading PSA software, plays a pivotal role in ensuring on-time delivery. With KEBS, businesses can streamline their project management processes, ensuring timely project completion. KEBS offers resource management tools that help in optimal resource allocation, ensuring projects stay on track.

KEBS financial management features ensure that financial aspects of projects, like budgeting and invoicing, don’t cause delays. With KEBS ticket management software, businesses can maintain clear communication with clients, ensuring they are always in the loop.

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