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On-time project delivery rate

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What is On-time Project Delivery Rate?

On-time Project Delivery Rate (OPDR) is a metric that gauges the efficiency and effectiveness of a project’s execution by measuring the percentage of projects delivered on or before their scheduled completion dates.

n the realm of Professional Service Automation (PSA), this metric is crucial as it directly impacts client satisfaction, resource allocation, and overall project profitability.

Importance of On-time Project Delivery Rate

Delivering projects on time is not just about meeting deadlines. It’s about:

1. Building Trust: Consistently meeting project timelines enhances the trust clients place in a service provider.

2. Optimal Resource Utilization: Efficient project delivery ensures that resources, both human and material, are utilized effectively. This can be further optimized using tools like resource management software.

3. Financial Stability: Timely project completion can lead to quicker invoicing and improved cash flow, which can be managed using finance management software.

4. Enhanced Reputation: In the competitive world of professional services, a high OPDR can be a distinguishing factor, attracting more clients and projects.

On-time project delivery rate

Why On-time project delivery rate is so important?

Calculating On-time Project Delivery Rate


OPDR = (Number of Projects Delivered On−time /Total Number of Projects) × 100


Let’s say a company has undertaken 100 projects in a year. Out of these, 85 were delivered on or before their scheduled completion dates.


This means the company has an on-time delivery rate of 85%.

On-time Project Delivery Rate vs Other Metrics

While OPDR is a vital metric, it’s essential to understand how it differs from other related metrics:

1. Project Completion Rate: Measures the number of projects completed against the total number of projects, regardless of their delivery time.

2. Resource Utilization Rate: Focuses on how effectively resources are used in projects. Tools like resource management software can provide insights into this.

3. Project Profitability: This metric evaluates the profit margins of projects, which can be influenced by timely delivery but also factors in costs and revenues.

Metric Description
On-time Project Delivery Rate The percentage of projects that are completed on or before their scheduled delivery dates. A higher percentage indicates better project management.
Billable Utilization Rate The ratio of billable hours worked by employees to the total available working hours. A high utilization rate is often a sign of efficiency.
Resource Allocation Efficiency Measures how effectively resources are allocated to projects. A higher efficiency score implies optimal resource allocation.
Project Profit Margin The percentage of profit earned from a project compared to its total cost. A higher margin indicates greater profitability.
Customer Satisfaction The level of satisfaction reported by clients/customers after project completion. High satisfaction is crucial for repeat business and referrals.

Utilizing On-time Project Delivery Rate

Understanding your OPDR is just the first step. The real value comes from:

1. Setting Benchmarks: Establishing an industry-standard or company-specific benchmark for OPDR can guide teams towards continuous improvement.

2. Identifying Bottlenecks: A lower OPDR can indicate bottlenecks in the project lifecycle, which can be addressed using tools like Gantt charts.

3. Improving Client Communication: Keeping clients informed about project progress can manage expectations and enhance satisfaction.

Ready to Optimize On-time Project Delivery?

KEBS, a leading PSA software, offers tools and features that can significantly enhance the on-time delivery of projects. Ensure the right resources are assigned to the right projects at the right time using KEBS resource management tools. Use Gantt charts to visually track project progress and identify potential delays.

KEBS deal management software ensures transparent communication with clients, from proposal stages to project completion. Keep a close eye on project budgets and financials with KEBS finance management tools, ensuring projects remain profitable.

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