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What is Project Change Request Approval Rate?

Project Change Request Approval Rate is a metric that quantifies the percentage of change requests that are approved within a project’s lifecycle. It provides insights into the flexibility and adaptability of a project management process. In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), it’s a crucial metric to monitor as it can impact project timelines, budgets, and overall success.

A high approval rate indicates streamlined workflows, timely decision-making, and better project control, ensuring that projects stay on track. By monitoring and improving approval rates, professional service organizations can enhance their operational efficiency and deliver projects more effectively, ultimately leading to increased client satisfaction and profitability.

Importance of Project Change Request Approval Rate

Monitoring and improving this rate is vital for successful project management in the professional services industry. Understanding the approval rate is essential for several reasons:

1. Flexibility: A higher approval rate might indicate a flexible project management approach, accommodating client or internal needs.

2. Risk Management: A lower rate might suggest that many changes are deemed too risky or out of scope, requiring a review of project requirements or stakeholder communication.

3. Efficiency: Monitoring this rate can help in identifying bottlenecks in the approval process, ensuring that change requests don’t stall the project.

Importance of Project Change Request Approval Rate

How to Calculate the Approval Rate?


Approval Rate = (Number of Approved Change Requests / Total Number of Change Requests Submitted) × 100


Let’s say a project has 50 change requests submitted over its lifecycle. Out of these, 40 are approved. Using the formula:

Approval Rate=(40/50)×100=80%

This means 80% of the change requests were approved.

Difference Between Approval Rate and Other Metrics

Understanding the nuances between these metrics ensures that project managers use the right tool for the right job. While the Project Change Request Approval Rate focuses on the percentage of approved change requests, other metrics like Project Completion Rate or Ticket Resolution Rate offer different insights:

1. Project Completion Rate: Measures the percentage of projects completed on time. It doesn’t consider the changes made during the project.

2. Ticket Resolution Rate: In the context of ticket management, it quantifies the percentage of tickets resolved within a given timeframe.

Metric Description Key Difference from Approval Rate
Approval Rate Measures the percentage of project approvals. Focuses on project approval only.
Utilization Rate Tracks how efficiently resources are used. Evaluates resource utilization, not approvals.
Billable Utilization Measures the percentage of billable hours worked. Focuses on billable hours, not approvals.
Profit Margin Indicates the profitability of projects. Reflects project profitability, not approvals.

How the Approval Rate is Used?

The Project Change Request Approval Rate is used in various ways:

1. Stakeholder Communication: It can be a talking point with stakeholders, explaining why certain changes were or weren’t approved.

2. Process Improvement: By analyzing the reasons behind rejected change requests, teams can improve their project planning processes.

3. Budgeting: Frequent change requests can impact project budgets. Monitoring the approval rate can help in financial forecasting.

Ready to Optimize Your Approval Rate?

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Collaborative project management ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page, reducing the number of change requests. KEBS provides real-time reporting that can help project managers monitor and optimize the approval rate.

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