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What Is Reopened Tickets?

Reopened Tickets refer to customer service or support inquiries that were previously marked as resolved but have been reopened due to recurring issues or unresolved concerns.

In Professional Service Automation (PSA), reopened tickets refer to customer service or support requests that have been marked as resolved but are later reopened due to unresolved issues or additional customer needs. They are critical indicators of the effectiveness and quality of service resolution.

Significance of Reopened Tickets in PSA Operations

Tracking reopened tickets is essential for assessing the effectiveness of the support team’s initial resolutions. It indicates potential gaps in problem-solving or areas requiring further attention for better customer satisfaction.

1. Service Quality Indicator: High rates of reopened tickets may indicate issues in service quality or problem resolution.

2. Customer Satisfaction: They can impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Operational Efficiency: Monitoring reopened tickets helps in identifying areas for improvement in service processes.

Significance of Reopened Tickets in PSA Operations

How to calculate Reopened Tickets?

Reopened tickets are tracked through service management systems. Analysis involves understanding the reasons for reopening, the time taken to resolve upon reopening, and any patterns or trends.

Reopened Tickets Percentage = Number of Reopened Tickets / Total Number of Resolved Tickets × 100%

This calculation involves dividing the number of tickets that were reopened by the total number of tickets that were initially marked as resolved, expressed as a percentage.

Example Calculation of Reopened Tickets Percentage:

Suppose a customer support team resolves 300 tickets in a month but experiences 60 of these tickets being reopened by customers:

Reopened Tickets Percentage=60/300×100%

Reopened Tickets Percentage=20%

Hence, the Reopened Tickets Percentage for that period stands at 20%.

Reopened Tickets vs Other Service Metrics

1. First Contact Resolution (FCR): FCR measures the resolution of tickets in the first interaction, while reopened tickets track issues that were not fully resolved initially.

2. Average Resolution Time: This metric tracks the overall time taken to resolve issues, irrespective of whether they were reopened.

Metric Definition Importance / Use
Reopened Tickets Service requests or issues reopened due to unresolved problems Indicates recurring issues or incomplete resolutions in service
First Contact Resolution Rate Percentage of issues resolved upon initial contact Reflects the ability to resolve issues in the first interaction
Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Measurement of customer satisfaction with support services Reflects overall satisfaction levels among customers
Average Resolution Time Mean time taken to resolve customer issues Measures efficiency in resolving customer problems

Utilization of Reopened Tickets Data

Monitoring Reopened Tickets helps support teams identify recurring issues, gaps in resolution processes, or areas requiring additional training or resources. It enables them to enhance problem-solving strategies and improve overall customer satisfaction.

1. Thorough Initial Resolution: Ensuring comprehensive resolution in the first response to reduce the need for reopening.

2. Quality Assurance Checks: Implementing post-resolution checks to ensure all aspects of the customer’s issue have been addressed.

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