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Resource Utilization Rate

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What is Resource Utilization Rate?

Resource Utilization Rate (RUR) is a metric that measures the efficiency with which an organization uses its resources, typically in the context of human resources or assets.

In the realm of Professional Service Automation (PSA), it’s a critical metric that helps businesses understand how effectively they’re deploying their workforce. Understanding RUR is essential for businesses to ensure that their resources are not underutilized or overworked. Learn more about PSA here.

Importance of Resource Utilization Rate

Understanding RUR is essential for several reasons:

1. Efficiency: A high RUR indicates that resources are being used efficiently, leading to increased productivity.

2. Cost Management: By monitoring RUR, organizations can identify areas of wastage and implement cost-saving measures.

3. Forecasting: RUR aids in predicting future resource requirements, ensuring that businesses are well-prepared for upcoming projects or tasks.

Resource Utilization Rate

Why Resource Utilization Rate is so important?

Calculating Resource Utilization Rate

The formula for calculating RUR is:

Resource Utilization Rate (RUR) = (Actual Hours Worked/Available Hours) × 100


Let’s say an employee has 40 available hours in a week but only works 30 hours. Using the formula:

RUR=(30/40) ×100=75%

This means the employee’s utilization rate is 75%.

Resource Utilization Rate vs Other Metrics

Understanding the difference between RUR and other related metrics such as billable utilization is essential. While RUR focuses on the overall utilization of resources, billable utilization specifically targets the hours billed to clients. Understanding these differences is crucial for effective resource management and project profitability. For a deeper dive into resource allocation and forecasting, check out this whitepaper. RUR is often compared with other metrics to get a holistic view of resource management:

1. RUR vs Capacity Utilization: While RUR focuses on how effectively resources are used, capacity utilization measures how much of the available capacity is being used.

2. RUR vs Efficiency Ratio: The efficiency ratio measures outputs to inputs, while RUR focuses solely on resource usage.

Metric Description Purpose
Resource Utilization Rate Measures the percentage of time resources are utilized. Evaluates how efficiently resources are allocated.
Billable Utilization Rate Focuses on the percentage of billable time vs. total time. Helps assess the profitability of billable work.
Non-Billable Utilization Rate Measures non-billable time as a percentage of total time. Indicates the time spent on non-revenue-generating tasks.
Project Profitability Evaluates the profitability of individual projects. Helps identify which projects are most profitable.

How Resource Utilization Rate is Used?

RUR is applied in various areas such as project management, finance, and HR. In project management, it helps in allocating resources efficiently across various projects. In finance, it assists in budgeting and forecasting, ensuring that the projects are financially viable. RUR finds its application in various areas:

1. Project Management: Helps in allocating resources efficiently to different projects.

2. Financial Planning: Assists in optimizing project financials.

3. HR Management: Aids in evaluating resource performance and ensuring optimal workload.

4. Strategic Decision Making: Provides insights into resource constraints and helps in streamlining business processes.

Ready to Optimize Resource Utilization Rate?

KEBS, a leading PSA software, offers tools that can help businesses optimize their RUR. With KEBS, businesses can get real-time reporting on resource utilization, enabling quick decision-making. KEBS provides features that assist in effective resource management, ensuring that resources are used optimally.

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