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ROI of outsourcing

Explore the ROI of Outsourcing. Discover Cost Savings, Efficiency Gains, and Strategic Advantages.

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What is ROI of Outsourcing?

Return on Investment (ROI) of outsourcing refers to the net benefits a company receives from hiring an external entity to perform certain tasks or services, compared to the costs associated with that outsourcing.

In the realm of Professional Service Automation (PSA), outsourcing can range from IT services to project management tasks.

Importance of ROI in Outsourcing

Outsourcing decisions are often driven by the potential for cost savings, increased efficiency, and the ability to focus on core business functions. However, it’s crucial to measure the actual value derived from such decisions.

A positive ROI indicates that the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the costs, validating the decision. Conversely, a negative ROI suggests that the company might be better off keeping the services in-house or reconsidering its outsourcing strategy.

ROI of outsourcing

Why ROI is so important?

Calculating ROI of Outsourcing


ROI = (Net Benefit of Outsourcing−Cost of Outsourcing) / Cost of Outsourcing × 100


Let’s say a company spends $100,000 on outsourcing its IT services. After a year, they find that they saved $150,000 by not hiring in-house staff, purchasing equipment, and other related costs.

ROI = ($150,000 – $100,000) / ($100,000) x 100 = 50%

This means the company has a 50% return on its investment in outsourcing.

ROI of Outsourcing vs Other Metrics

It’s essential to consider these metrics in conjunction with ROI to get a holistic view of the outsourcing decision. For instance, a Gantt chart can visually represent project timelines, helping businesses understand operational efficiency. While ROI provides a clear picture of the financial benefits of outsourcing, other metrics can offer additional insights:

  • Cost Savings: The direct financial savings from not having to invest in in-house resources.
  • Operational Efficiency: Measured by the improvement in processes and speed of task completion.
  • Quality of Service: Evaluating the quality of the outsourced service against in-house or other providers.
Metric Outsourcing ROI Other Metrics
Cost Reduction Potential for significant cost savings through reduced labor and operational expenses. Costs may remain higher with in-house management and staffing.
Efficiency Gains Can lead to improved operational efficiency due to specialized expertise and streamlined processes. Efficiency gains may be limited if internal staff lacks necessary skills or tools.
Scalability Allows for easy scalability by leveraging external resources as needed. May require substantial upfront investments in infrastructure and staffing for scalability.
Focus on Core Tasks Enables the organization to focus on core business functions while non-core tasks are handled by the outsourcing partner. In-house management may lead to diversion of resources from core functions.

How ROI of Outsourcing is Used in Businesses?

Companies use ROI of outsourcing in various ways:

  • Decision Making: Before outsourcing, companies can forecast ROI to determine if the decision is financially viable.
  • Performance Evaluation: After outsourcing, businesses can measure the actual ROI to evaluate the performance of the service provider.
  • Strategic Planning: ROI can guide businesses in refining their outsourcing strategies, deciding whether to continue, expand, or reduce their outsourcing endeavors.

For instance, when considering ticket management, a company might weigh the costs of an in-house system against outsourcing to a specialized provider.

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