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What is Scope Change Request?

A Scope Change Request (SCR) is a formal proposal to modify a specific aspect of a project, usually pertaining to its scope.

In the realm of Professional Service Automation (PSA), SCRs are crucial for ensuring that projects remain aligned with client expectations and business objectives.

Importance of Scope Change Requests

In the dynamic world of professional services, changes are inevitable. Whether due to evolving client needs, unforeseen challenges, or shifts in the market, projects often require adjustments. SCRs allow teams to:

1. Maintain Alignment: Ensure that the project remains in line with the client’s vision and objectives.

2. Manage Expectations: By formalizing changes, both the service provider and the client have a clear understanding of what to expect.

3. Control Costs: Uncontrolled changes can lead to budget overruns. SCRs help in assessing the financial implications of a change.

4. Enhance Communication: It fosters transparent communication between stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Scope Change Requests

Why Scope Change Requests is so important?

Calculating the Impact of Scope Change Requests


Impact = (New Scope−Original Scope) x Hourly Rate

Example: If the original scope was estimated at 50 hours, and the new scope after the change request is 60 hours, with an hourly rate of $100:

Impact = (60 – 50) x $100 = $1000

This means the scope change will result in an additional cost of $1000.

Scope Change Requests vs Other Requests

While SCRs focus on the project’s scope, there are other types of requests in PSA:

1. Resource Change Requests: Pertaining to changes in the team members or tools. This might involve resource management or even employee exit.

2. Time Change Requests: Relate to shifts in the project timeline. Tools like Gantt charts can be instrumental in visualizing these changes.

3. Budget Change Requests: Concerned with alterations in the project’s financial aspects, often requiring a deep dive into finance management.

Aspect Scope Change Requests Other Requests
Definition Changes to the project’s original scope, objectives, or deliverables. Any other requests or issues related to the project.
Purpose To address changes in project requirements or objectives that may impact project scope, timeline, or budget. To handle a wide range of project-related requests, including inquiries, issues, or non-scope-related changes.
Initiation Typically initiated by the client or stakeholders requesting changes to the project’s original scope. Can be initiated by various parties, such as team members, clients, or project managers, for various purposes.
Approval Process Requires a formal evaluation and approval process, often involving change request forms, impact analysis, and client approval. Approval processes vary depending on the nature of the request, but may not be as formal or rigorous as scope changes.

Utilizing Scope Change Requests

To effectively utilize SCRs in PSA:

1. Documentation: Every SCR should be well-documented, detailing the nature of the change, its implications, and the rationale behind it.

2. Evaluation: Before approving an SCR, evaluate its impact on the project’s timeline, resources, and budget.

3. Communication: Keep all stakeholders informed. Tools like ticket management software can streamline this process.

4. Integration: Ensure that once an SCR is approved, it’s integrated into the project’s management software.

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