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What is Upsell Percentage?

Upsell Percentage is a metric that quantifies the success of efforts made by businesses to sell a more expensive version or add-on of a product to their existing customers.

In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), it measures how effectively a service provider can convince their clients to purchase additional services or upgrade to a higher-tier service package.

The Importance of Upsell Percentage

Understanding and optimizing the Upsell Percentage is crucial for several reasons:

1. Revenue Growth: Upselling can significantly boost revenue without the need to acquire new customers, which is often more costly.

2. Customer Retention: Successfully upselling can indicate customer satisfaction and trust in your services, leading to longer client relationships.

3. Enhanced Service Value: By upselling, businesses can provide more comprehensive solutions that cater to the evolving needs of their clients.

Upsell percentage

Importance of Upsell percentage

Calculating Upsell Percentage


Upsell Percentage = (Number of Successful Upsells/Total Number of Upsell Opportunities) × 100


Let’s say a PSA software company had 100 opportunities to upsell in a month, and they successfully upsold in 30 of those cases.

Upsell Percentage=(30/100)×100=30%

This means the company had a 30% success rate in upselling their services for that month.

Upsell Percentage vs Cross-Sell and Down-sell

While upselling focuses on selling a higher-tier product or service, cross-selling involves selling a different product or service that complements the original purchase. For instance, if a client is using a ticket management software, cross-selling might involve suggesting they also use a deal management software.

Down selling, on the other hand, is offering a lower-cost alternative to a customer who might be hesitant about the original product or service. It’s a way to still secure a sale, albeit at a lower price point.

Metric Upsell Percentage Cross-Sell Down-sell
Definition The percentage of existing clients who upgrade to higher-tier services or add-ons. The percentage of existing clients who purchase additional services or products not included in their initial agreement. The percentage of existing clients who downgrade to lower-tier services or reduce the scope of their current service agreement.
Objective Increase revenue by encouraging clients to invest in more comprehensive services or additional features. Increase revenue by diversifying a client’s portfolio with complementary services or products. Retain clients by providing cost-effective solutions when they face financial constraints or changing needs.
Benefits Boost revenue from existing clients, often with lower acquisition costs than new customers. Expand the breadth of services offered to clients, potentially increasing client retention. Prevent client churn by offering flexible solutions and maintaining a long-term relationship.

Utilizing Upsell Percentage in Business

By monitoring the Upsell Percentage, businesses can:

  • Tailor Marketing Strategies: Adjust marketing efforts based on what’s working and what’s not in upselling.
  • Enhance Customer Service: Train customer service teams to recognize upsell opportunities and how to pitch them effectively.
  • Optimize Product/Service Offerings: Refine offerings based on what customers are more inclined to upgrade to.

For instance, if a company notices that clients using their finance management software often upgrade to a package with advanced analytics, they might decide to promote this feature more prominently.

Ready to Optimize Your Upsell Percentage?

KEBS, a leading PSA software, offers tools that can help businesses optimize their upsell strategies. With KEBS, businesses can gain insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping them identify potential upsell opportunities.

By maintaining a comprehensive client profile, KEBS ensures that are tailored to individual client needs.

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KEBS Sales Dashboard

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