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KEBS and Data Management

Get to know about KEBS’s data hosting policy.

Data Handling by KEBS

KEBS manages and processes client data, where “data” encompasses all electronic content, messages, or other materials submitted to KEBS by the client via the client’s account in relation to the use of KEBS services. This data processing adheres to relevant laws and regulations to deliver services within the KEBS product suite. As a data handler, KEBS carries out operations on this data in association with the services provided.

Types of Data Hosted

The term “Data Hosted” refers to data stored to facilitate the services KEBS offers as a data handler. This includes data stored for backup purposes. The term “Data” in this context pertains to the categories outlined below:

  • User Information
  • Project Details
  • Task-related Data (tasks, issues, test scenarios, defects, and custom tasks created by the end-user)
  • Process Information
  • Conversations
  • Data from Integrated Applications
  • Knowledge Repository
  • Forum Content
  • Data from Reports and Analytics

Data Storage Locations

Data is stored in data centers that adhere to international IT norms and regulations. KEBS offers multiple data storage locations (available upon purchasing Data Hosting Options). The subsequent table provides an overview of the various data storage locations offered by KEBS.

Backup and Record Keeping

KEBS has a comprehensive backup strategy, ensuring data is distributed and securely stored within the relevant region. For all the products mentioned above, records are preserved for a duration of one year in the respective hosting region.

Unified Authentication Across Products

KEBS’s Single Sign-On (SSO) platform grants users identity and access management across all KEBS products. User authentication and profile data are gathered and processed within environments compliant with the AWS. These services adhere to globally recommended security standards and have established measures for data protection.

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Sourab M.

Program Manager

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Magesh G.

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