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Data Protection Agreement

Data Processing Addendum describes how KEBS manages personal data from its customers.


In 2016, the European Union established the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR). This regulation reshapes the way organizations handle EU citizens’ personal data, intensifying the compliance requirements for both data controllers and processors.

KEBS’s Stance on GDPR

KEBS prioritizes data protection, security, and regulatory adherence. Under GDPR, the individual remains the exclusive owner of any personal data stored via KEBS’s services. KEBS functions as a data processor. KEBS’s platform offers features that help users fulfill their GDPR responsibilities related to data subjects’ rights, such as data modification, deletion, access, transfer, and objections to automated data processing.

We pride ourselves on our long-standing policies and practices, which foster trust in our cloud-based services. Our cloud offerings are not only dependable and scalable but also ensure data protection and transparency in its use by KEBS.

Our data protection guidelines, agreements, and company-wide policies provide a clear framework for all data-related activities at KEBS. This framework guides our employees in all data operations.

Privacy and data protection are integral to KEBS’s product development process. This aligns with our GDPR-centric approach to privacy by design and default, influencing not just our product creation but also our service operations and internal governance.

Data Portability

For our enterprise solutions, KEBS believes in empowering customers with tools to manage their data, irrespective of its storage location. Many KEBS services allow users to download their data without external assistance. If a service lacks this feature, KEBS commits to providing data portability upon request within a reasonable timeframe.

Data Deletion

Upon concluding a contract with KEBS, we store personal data in a restricted manner, as detailed in our contracts, to facilitate data extraction. Subsequently, all data is purged.

Security Protocols and Breach Reporting

GDPR mandates reporting data breaches to the European regulatory body. Should a breach occur at KEBS, it will be reported as per this mandate.

To detect breaches, KEBS employs strategies to safeguard and monitor all personal data under our care. Recognizing the evolving nature of security threats, we continuously monitor emerging risks and adjust our preparedness accordingly.

Employee Training on Data Protection

KEBS emphasizes the importance of personal data protection. We provide continuous training for all staff members who access personal data, ensuring they understand and respect the rights of data subjects.

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