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What is Customer Support Ticket Resolution Time?

Customer Support Ticket Resolution Time refers to the duration taken by customer support representatives to resolve a ticket or issue raised by a customer. This metric is crucial in gauging the efficiency and effectiveness of a customer support team. It starts from the moment a ticket is created until it’s marked as resolved.

This metric measures the efficiency of the support process, helping businesses assess their ability to address customer needs promptly and enhance overall service quality. Minimizing resolution time is essential for providing excellent customer support and ensuring client satisfaction.

Importance of Ticket Resolution Time

Ticket Resolution Time is a vital aspect of Professional Service Automation (PSA) systems, ensuring timely issue resolution. Shorter resolution times enhance customer satisfaction, improve service quality, and optimize resource allocation, ultimately boosting the efficiency and profitability of professional service organizations.

Quick resolution times lead to satisfied customers, while prolonged resolution times can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Efficient ticket resolution can:

  • Enhance customer loyalty and trust.
  • Reduce customer churn rate.
  • Improve the company’s reputation.
  • Increase the efficiency of the support team.

Importance of Ticket Resolution Time

Calculating Ticket Resolution Time


Ticket Resolution Time = Time Ticket Closed – Time Ticket Opened


If a customer raises a ticket at 10:00 AM and it gets resolved by 2:00 PM the same day, the resolution time is 4 hours.

Customer Support Ticket Resolution Time vs Other Metrics

While Ticket Resolution Time focuses on the duration to resolve an issue, other metrics like First Response Time (FRT) measure the time taken to first respond to a customer’s query. Understanding the difference between these metrics can help businesses improve their overall customer support strategy.

Metric Description Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
Ticket Resolution Time The time taken to resolve a customer support ticket. Shorter times indicate better customer service. Customer Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency
Customer Satisfaction A measure of how satisfied customers are with the support they receive. High satisfaction leads to customer loyalty. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Feedback
First Response Time The time taken to respond to a customer’s initial ticket or inquiry. Quick responses improve customer experience. Customer Response Rate, Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
SLA Compliance The percentage of tickets resolved within the defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) timeframe. Meeting SLAs demonstrates efficiency. SLA Adherence Rate, Penalty Avoidance

How Ticket Resolution Time is Used?

It serves as a crucial metric to assess the efficiency of a service team. A shorter resolution time signifies quicker issue resolution, leading to improved customer satisfaction and productivity

1. Performance Evaluation: Companies use this metric to evaluate the performance of their support teams.

2. Resource Allocation: Helps in determining if more resources or training are required for the support team.

3. Improving Customer Experience: By monitoring and aiming to reduce ticket resolution time, companies can enhance the overall customer experience.

Ready to Optimize Your Ticket Resolution Time?

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With real-time reporting analytics, managers can monitor ticket resolution times and make informed decisions. The collaborative project management approach ensures that support teams can work together efficiently, reducing resolution times.

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