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What is Resource Mobility Rate?

Resource mobility rate refers to the frequency at which resources (employees, contractors, etc.) move between projects or are reassigned to new tasks within a professional services organization. It is calculated as a percentage and measures workforce stability.

Resource Mobility Rate measures how well employees or assets can move between projects or tasks in an organization. In the context of Professional Service Automation (PSA), assessing resource mobility aids in optimizing resource allocation, project flexibility, and overall operational efficiency.

Why is Resource Mobility Rate Important?

Tracking an organization’s resource mobility rate is important for the following reasons:

1. It impacts productivity – Higher mobility means resources need ramp up time on new assignments lowering efficiency. Stability boosts familiarity and speed.

2. Influences project planning Frequent reassignments make resource allocation and deadline scheduling more challenging for project managers.

3. Signals employee morale and retention – Very high mobility can indicate underlying issues like lack of growth prospects, appreciation or better opportunities elsewhere. This affects retention.

Why is Resource Mobility Rate Important?

How to calculate Resource Mobility Rate?

The resource mobility rate is calculated as follows:

Resource Mobility Rate = (Number of resource transfers or reassignments) / (Average number of resources) x 100

For example, if a firm had 50 average number of resources in a month and 10 resources were reassigned to new duties or projects, then:

Resource Mobility Rate = (10) / (50) x 100 = 20%

A lower rate below 15-20% is generally healthier than higher rates which can become inefficient.

Resource Mobility Rate vs Other Resource Metrics

1. Resource Allocation Efficiency: While mobility rate assesses the flexibility of resource allocation, efficiency metrics measure how effectively resources are used.

2. Resource Capacity: Capacity determines the total resources available, while mobility rate focuses on their flexibility across projects.

3. Resource Productivity: Productivity metrics gauge the output generated by resources, whereas mobility rate assesses their adaptability

Metric Definition Importance / Use
Resource Mobility Rate Frequency of resources reassigned or moved between projects Indicates the fluidity or flexibility of resource allocation
Resource Utilization Rate Percentage of available resources being used Reflects the efficiency in utilizing available resources
Resource Allocation Efficiency Measure of how effectively resources are distributed Evaluates the effectiveness in assigning resources to tasks or projects
Employee Turnover Rate Percentage of employees leaving the organization Reflects the rate of employee departures and its impact on resources

Application of Resource Mobility Rate

1. Project Adaptability: Higher mobility facilitates swift adaptation to changing project demands or priorities.

2. Operational Continuity: Ensures seamless operations even when projects require shifts in resource allocation.

3. Resource Planning: Guides resource planning strategies, optimizing resource allocation across the organization.

Ready to Optimize Your Resource Mobility Rate?

KEBS is a leading professional services automation platform that can help track your organization’s resource mobility rate precisely through its project and resource management features. Features like timesheets, resource allocation, and detailed reporting provide full visibility into how long resources spend on different projects or tasks over time. This makes it easy to calculate mobility rates on an ongoing basis.

KEBS offers tools for efficient resource allocation, enhancing resource flexibility. Utilizing KEBS real-time tracking features aids in monitoring resource movement across projects. KEBS provides insights for optimizing resource allocation, ensuring higher mobility and adaptability.

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