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What is Temps to Full-Time Hire?

Temps to full-time hire refers to the conversion of temporary or contract workers into permanent employees. Companies bring on temporary workers to handle seasonal spikes or projects requiring extra support.

High-performing temporary staff can then be hired into full-time roles. Tracking this metric provides insight into the portion of temps successfully transitioning to regular jobs.

Why is Temps to Full-Time Hire Important?

Monitoring temps to full-time hire rate helps organizations quantify the value of their temporary hiring function. It indicates whether existing screening and onboarding sets up temporary workers for long-term retention. Companies can also leverage temps as an extended interview period before costly full-time offers. Optimizing temporary pipelines develops an affordable talent pool to fuel business growth. Understanding and optimizing the Temps to Full-Time Hires metric holds several key advantages:

1. Workforce Stability: Efficient conversion of temps to full-time employees ensures a stable and committed workforce, reducing turnover rates.

2. Cost-Efficiency: Successful transitions mitigate recruitment costs associated with frequent temporary staffing, leading to financial savings.

3. Skill Retention: It aids in retaining valuable skills and institutional knowledge within the organization as temporary employees transition.

Why is Temps to Full-Time Hire Important?

How to Calculate Temps to Full-Time Hire?

The temps to full-time hire formula is:

(Number of temporary workers hired as full-time employees / Total number of temporary workers brought on) x 100

For example, a company hired 50 temporary workers last year. Of those, 10 were eventually moved into permanent positions. Their rate would be:

(10 / 50 ) x 100 = 20% temps to full-time hire

Temps to Full-Time Hires vs Other Hiring Metrics

1. Turnover Rate: While Temps to Full-Time Hires focuses on temporary-to-permanent transitions, Turnover Rate assesses the frequency of employee exits.

2. Time-to-Fill: Unlike Temps to Full-Time Hires, which tracks conversion efficiency, Time-to-Fill measures the duration to fill vacant positions.

Metric Definition Importance / Use
Temps to Full-Time Hires Ratio of temporary workers hired as full-time employees Indicates the conversion rate of temporary employees to full-time staff
Time to Fill Average time taken to fill a job vacancy Reflects the efficiency in filling job openings with suitable candidates
Cost per Hire Total recruitment expenses divided by the number of hires Measures the cost-effectiveness of the hiring process
Offer Acceptance Rate Percentage of candidates who accept job offers Reflects the attractiveness of job offers and the hiring success rate

How is Temps to Full-Time Hire Used?

HR teams apply temps to full-time data to evaluate and improve their temporary hiring processes. Key analysis may include:

1. Conversion rate by department: Shows where temps excel

2. Temp performance over time: Highlights best project types for pipelining talent

3. Hiring manager satisfaction: Gauges fit of converted resources

4. Workforce Planning: Understanding this metric aids in strategic planning, ensuring an adequate mix of temporary and permanent staff.

5. Talent Acquisition Strategy: Efficient conversions indicate a successful talent acquisition strategy, impacting recruitment and retention tactics.

Boosting this metric requires optimizing temporary recruiting, screening and onboarding. Strategies like skills testing, robust feedback channels and defined career paths for top performers can help companies maximize temp to full-time conversions

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